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Sanitization Services

Sanitizing Services for Residential, Commercial, Industrial Areas

RMI Services Corporation Provides this Service to Residential Homes, Business Offices, Industrial Areas. Call now for a free estimate. RMI Services is Providing Light Environmental Services Using BYO Planet's Electrostatic Technology


ByoPlanet® International has become the gold standard in the manufacture of induction charged equipment which is a true revolution in disinfection technology and especially protocols. RMI Services uses electrostatic spray delivery systems provide a safer, faster and more cost effective way to enhance existing janitorial protocols and to be able to thoroughly disinfect large areas in a very short amount of time. ByoPlanet® has spent several years evolving this technology which allows RMI Services to safely reach, treat and disinfect all surfaces without the risk of cross contamination.

First Responders, Professional Sports Teams and Public Health Officials are integrating ByoPlanet technology into their best practices and pandemic protocols to mitigate the spread of infectious diseases and protect themselves and their patients at a much higher level.

Using our approved EPA products, our advanced mechanical sprayers produce small electrically charged droplets (30-50 microns) that repel, not overlap one another, resulting in the most consistent and comprehensive coverage possible. Independent lab tests prove that the tendency of the charged droplets to seek out open areas and adhere to them and not overlap, means RMI Services receive far superior coverage and protection without the threat of missed areas, infected run off and waste generated by traditional trigger and pump sprayers being utilized today.

ByoPlanet remains on the cutting edge of this science and is committed to helping RMI Services improve both surface and overall air quality by giving RMI Services the ability to cover every touch point, including sensitive equipment and hidden surfaces, with the "wrap around" penetration of electrostatics and safely treating areas where pathogens, odors and mold hide, linger and grow to re-infect.

Pre & Post Mold Remediation

ByoPlanet has spent years evolving the science of induction charged technology and is the exclusive manufacturer of the most sophisticated electrostatic sprayers on the market today. RMI Services now utilize our technology to enhance mold remediation techniques to treat and protect entire facilities faster, cheaper and more effectively by incorporating electrostatics into their existing protocols.

RMI Services is successfully utilizing our delivery systems to better reach and treat all substrates - especially hidden surfaces and sensitive equipment - against dangerous mold, mildew, fungi and insects in both residential and commercial structures including pre construction, renovation and disaster restoration phases.

Mold, a type of fungus, is commonly present in the natural environment. Excessive levels of moisture can spark a mold growth that can cause decay and may even pose as a health hazard in some persons. Humid indoor conditions, weather, flooding and leaks can also contribute to conditions favorable to mold growth.

Excessive mold growth and prolonged exposure to it can affect the health of your employees and customers by exacerbating allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Mold spores enter the body through ingestion, dermal exposure and inhalation, and may result in runny nose, watery eyes, coughing, asthma attacks, sinus congestion, and other respiratory problems. Sometimes it may even lead to systemic fungal infections.

Odor Elimination

ByoPlanet® leads the industry in advanced electrostatic technology and continues to push the innovation envelope to guarantee RMI Services the safest, quickest and most cost effective way to disinfect and protect large areas, in less time, without the threat of cross contamination. Our flagship delivery system is based upon advanced induction charging which produces small electrically charged droplets that seek out and actually “wrap around” germ infested areas - reaching and killing pathogens at their very source. Independent lab tests confirm our equipment provides 100% coverage - killing pathogens in areas where traditional methodologies simply cannot reach.

Persistent malodor can be one of the toughest situations businesses & homes face. RMI Services & ByoPlanet's revolutionary approach to tackle and beat malodors, uses less staff, less product and improves overall surface and air quality. This process has been rigorously field tested in the most germ heavy environments and proven to deliver results on even the toughest odors. Examples include pet odors, urine, feces, smoke, sweat, mold and others.

Electrostatic delivery of disinfectants and odor combatants works by allowing the chemical to reach the actual cause of the odor and break it down completely at the cellular level. The result is not a fragrant mask of the persistent problem but a truly clean surface that is free from odor and harmful VOC's which can be even more problematic for the inhabitants than the original odor.

There is a true RMI Services value in providing a clean and odor free environment as inhabitants will experience less absenteeism, more productivity and better overall feeling.

In-between Tenants, Purchasing of New Home, Daycares, Schools, Nursing Homes, Adult-Living Facilities, Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Marine Vessels, Bussiness, Theaters, Churches, Synagogues, Places of Worship, Cars, In-fact Anywhere people Enter or conjugate.